Hollywood Actor Wesley Snipes Thinks “New Jack City” Should Not Be Remade

Source Magazine– For all the New Jack City fans who were upset at the news of a reboot of the classic tale of Nino Brown and his drug empire, you are not alone. The man who portrayed Brown, Wesley Snipes, spoke on the news and wishes that it would be left alone.

“I’m not associated with it,” Snipes said to Shadow and Act. “I’ve got nothing to do with it at all. I think some things should be left alone.”

What’s your thoughts on classic movie remakes?

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Via Bossip– Yes, that is Wesley Snipes hanging out of a car window, shooting a gun (at Nick Cannon), while wearing a bedazzled eyepatch. 

Do you think Nick Cannon & Wesley Snipes can get the job done?  

Here are a few posts from “Chicagoians” on Twitter. Clearly they aren’t thrilled with the film’s portrayal:

Check Bossip and read more, including the “official trailer”.

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