Democrats 2020: VOTE

This year’s election is probably one of the most crucial elections possibly of our lifetime.

With 40 million people/families unemployed, political unrest and lack of proper leadership within government & our democracy as a whole at stake it is imperative that we lift our voices at the polls to elect change. We can’t afford to sit home.

Please Please PLEASE show up and vote for all elections not only in your local government but especially in the 2020 presidential race this November 3rd.

Check out the video below & follow the signs!

For more information on how to register to vote click here.

Brought to you by Donald Trump. Vote Democrat 2020.

Are YOU Registered to Vote in November?

PSA: Whether or not you’re into politics, politics are into you and affect your everyday living from taxes to healthcare to jobs, etc.

Hustlers, we all have to vote during the mid term elections on November 6th [2018]. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The future of America is up for grabs as the Democratic Party seeks to regain control of the United States Senate. Once we secure the Senate seats back we can start impeaching and deleting the misogynistic self entitled crooks, con artists, rapists, child molesters, criminals, woman beaters, racists & bigot republiCONS.

Please visit VOTE.GOV to register to vote and confirm your local polling place. If you’re not sure who to vote for, just vote DEMOCRAT across the board.

You can also visit USA.GOV for more information on voter registration and deadlines to get registered. Please don’t miss this opportunity to fight back, our democracy is at hand.

Let’s do this!