Atlanta Rapper Akbar V Gets Into Studio Brawl With Love & Hip Hop’s Tommie

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Upcoming Atlanta rapstress Akbar V says she had to unfortunately put hands and feet on Tommie of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in an Atlanta studio earlier this week.

Allegedly, it all started when “Tommie” barged into Akbar’s recording session drunk insisting that she had booked the studio for the same allotted time.

Akbar stated that initially she didn’t want any drama with Tommie and even greeted her with a warm hello but Tommie’s attitude was mean and disrespectful and Akbar just wasn’t there for it. While trying to explain to Tommie that she had already purchased the studio time, Akbar states that Tommie became belligerent and then started name calling and set tripping.

Akbar, the self described 230 lb “big mama” then went into full mama bear mode, punching and tossing the Love and Hip Hop actress to the ground with a barrage of haymakers.

Tommie, who is known for fighting and acting a fool on the show, denies that any such altercation went down with the ATL rapper and accused the rapper of trying to get “clout” off her name. Akbar presented receipts, including pictures of her broken and battered nails, as well as a video recorded account of what happened by people that were in the studio at the time.

If you remember, I did a story last year when Tommie and her former boss mentor Karen King got into a social media war as a result of Tommie’s reckless talk on Instagram Live about Karen and her sons, one of which Tommie used to date on the show.

In that video, Mama “KK” let loose and let have exposing Tommie for being a broke bum who used to run credit card scams  and borrow her clothes and shoes prior to “KK” helping Tommie jumpstart her television career.

The social media spectators are happy that “tough girl” Tommie met her match this time and got what she deserved for her gutter mean girl antics. Akbar V said she is down for another 1 – 2 fade on site because Tommie got her banned from the studio after the beatdown.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. I am guessing Tommie doesn’t want a rematch and will continue to act as if nothing ever happened. Might be safer that way.

Here a few more videos of Akbar V for your viewing pleasure. Fans are calling on Mona Scott to put Akbar on Love & Hip Hop. She might just be too real for reality tv but I hope to see more of her on the rap scene.

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s “SAS” Shot In The Head

Get well soon! Sas Of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Talks Shooting Remember when we told you that Sas from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” announced that he’d been shot in the back of the head? Well reps for the reality star have since released a statement explaining the shooting that apparently was an accident.…

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Karen King Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Twerking On IG Post Jail Release 

Welp! —

A lil jail time appears to be “nothing to a G” as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karen “KK” King is seen twerking it up on Instagram after bailing out of Fulton County Jail on forgery & identity theft charges (read all about that, here) this morning.

The videos were posted to fellow cast member Tommie’s IG page and shows KK partying it up & twerking with some guy that walks into the room. He seems to enjoy himself adding a few interesting dance moves of his own.

Umm, I’m not so sure I’d be on social media twerking while facing such egregious FEDERAL charges, but hey I guess that’s why I’m not on reality TV either. Maybe I’m not quite “gangsta” enough? 😔 I digress.

Do you think KK is innocent or guilty of the charges? Will twerking on IG help or hurt her case?

Join the discussion.

Love & Hip Hop Star Karen King Arrested

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s newest gangster TV mom – Karen “KK” King was arrested in the wee hours of the morning for financial identity theft.

“KK” showed up decked out and ready to party at a Love & Hip Hop promotional event at Atlanta’s Level V nightclub, when the Atlanta Police came and presented her with a list of charges, including forgery, and hauled her away in cuffs.

According to TMZ

According to docs, King walked into the Saks Fifth Avenue in ATL, and bought $4,946.52 in merchandise under someone else’s name. Cops think she was in cahoots with the employee who rang up the purchase.

No word if “KK” has posted ($30K) bail. *** UPDATE*** KK has since posted bail

Ms. KK’s troubles with the law have been well documented on the show and her family is portrayed as “notorious” with KK allegedly at the head of the pack,  as the Godmother

Karen “KK” King and sons: Sas (L) and Scrap Deleon (R)

Back in 2012, she was accused of having her son’s father brutally beaten (by her sons and friends) and thrown in the trunk of a car to be left for dead. KK went on the run and was subsequently featured on the show America’s Most Wanted as “Fugitive of the Week.” She was later acquitted of the charges due to “lack of evidence.” KK denies the allegations of her involvement but her ex tells a different story.

Below is an interview with Lyndon Smith, the father of KK’s youngest son Sas, also the man she is accused of having brutally beaten & kidnapped– allegedly at the hands of her own sons.



Read more about KK’s arrest on NY Daily News  

Love & Hip Hop’s creator, Mona Scott Young has received tons of backlash for allowing KK and family to be on the show due to their extensive criminal history. Critics argue that by casting the King family, that Mona is in some way glorifying their life of crime and ultimately giving them undeserving fame. Fans of the show say Mona Scott is a good business woman.

Anybody that understands show business knows that Hollywood knows no boundaries and reality show members are casted for ratings, not based on moral ethics.