Take the Poll: Verzuz Who’s Next?

Quarantine has brought many unexpected surprises including the now infamous #Verzuz battles on Instagram.

Old heads and young heads alike gather around to cheer on their favorite artist as we reminisce over hit after hit in each contender’s music catalogs.

My favorite battle so far? Babyface VS Teddy Riley — and now the Jeezy VS Gucci Mane match up.

The match up possibilities could be endless as there are tons of artists with tons of great music, but some artists should be made to battle. For the music, for the culture.

Take the poll below and let me know what Verzuz battle you would like to see next?

Peewee Roscoe Appealing 20-Year Sentence And Guilty Plea For Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting 

Jimmy “Pewee Roscoe” Winfrey, the 25-year-old man convicted of shooting at Lil Wayne’s tour bus back in April has put forth the paperwork to appeal his sentence and guilty plea.

According to XXL:

First reported by Bossip, Winfrey and his attorney Steve Sadow filed for the appeal back on Dec. 18, almost a month after his sentencing on various gang-related charges stemming from the shooting. His legal team is arguing that his guilty plea might have been the result of coercion. “The transcript of the guilty plea strongly suggests that my client was pressured, coerced into entering the plea by the comments of the trial judge indicating he would be punished or penalized severely if he did not take the plea,” Sadow recently told Billboard.

The entire criminal case stems from an April 26 shooting, where, according to police, Roscoe pulled alongside Lil Wayne’s tour bus on I-285 in Atlanta and fired multiple shots, following an incident at club Compound where the Cash Money artist has just appeared. Roscoe – a Young Thug affiliate – was arrested a short time later. The original indictment implicated, but did not charge Young Thug and Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

In November, Winfrey pleaded guilty to six of the 27 counts he faced which included aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of a firearm by a felon and criminal gang activity. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 years probation.

Meanwhile the Internet is buzzing about wether Lil Wayne and Birdman are back on good terms.

The two former friends who deemed themselves, “father & son” were spotted along with the Drake and others partying in Miami on New Year’s Eve. 

We’re all wondering how “Pee Wee” is feeling about the Wayne/Birdman reunion as he sits in jail on a 20 year bid for shooting up Wayne’s tour bus. 

Prior to sentencing Pee Wee Roscoe accused Birdman of ordering the alleged hit on Wayne, stating during his trail that Birdman should be “held liable“. 

Lil Wayne To Headline ‘State Of Emergency’ Charity Concert In St. Louis 


Via AllHipHop News- LooseCannon Entertainment has tapped Young Money frontman Lil Wayne to headline the 3rd annual “State Of Emergency” concert in St. Louis, Missouri. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Better Family Life and the Put Down The Pistol Non Violence projects.

Four more acts will be announced as performers leading up to the show on February 21. LooseCannon Ent is offering an early bird special sale to fans. For the rest of November, LooseCannon is selling the first 104 tickets each day for the same price as the date (no taxes or fees).

“I do this for the community,” says organizer LooseCannon Slim. “I wanted to make it easy for young fans to attend the concert and see their favorite artists up close and personal.”