Dope Tweetz: Lil Wayne Said He Will Never Work With Birdman AgainĀ 

Today’s dope tweetz comes courtesy of rap legend Lil Wayne. —– Let’s be honest, in his tender 33 years and maybe 18 years of rapping, he EARNED that title. He’s definetly held a long lucrative rap career. 

(Side note: For my writer friends who are clue less about Hip Hop happenings, here’s a 2 second rundown.) Lil Wayne and his ex label head, pa, friend, homie etc. — Baby aka Birdman have fallen out about money. $51 million or so. Lil Wayne says Birdman owes him the money, and he wants it now. Hell, he needs it, he’s got a family to feed. 

Things are now so bad between the 2 that Wayne is having nervous breakdowns and damn near ready to quit rappin’. It’s hard to watch. 

Nobody saw this falling out coming. I sure didn’t. But here it is… and it’s ugly.
Aww damn… Free Lil Wayne! 

Here is a throwback of Wayne & Birdman court side at a b-ball game. During better days. Days Wayne said are now over. 

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