Witnesses Reveal New Details In The Tragic Shooting Deaths Of Reality Star Toya Wright’s Two Brothers

More details are emerging about the tragic shooting deaths of reality TV star Toya Wright’s two brothers, Rudy and Josh Johnson.

According to The Advocate:

The shooting that left two brothers of reality TV star Toya Wright dead over the weekend was preceded by a heated disturbance on a 7th Ward street, according to one neighbor.

John Kemper, 55, said the voices he heard across the street from his residence in the 2800 block of Pauger Street just after midnight Sunday morning were so loud that he peered through the window to see what was happening.

When he looked out, he said, he saw several residents of a group of brick apartment buildings on the upriver side of the street, yelling at the occupants of a black SUV.

“They were yelling down, looking at the car,” Kemper said. “There was a commotion going on.”

He said such disturbances are so common on the block that he went back into a rear room of his apartment. From inside the apartment, he then heard nine shots, he said.

Witnesses claim the murders may have been drug related…

Police have given no indication about who they think may have killed the Johnson brothers or why. But Kemper and several other neighbors said they suspected a connection to drug dealing near the brick apartment buildings.

“It be like they’re selling sno-balls over there,” one said.

That resident, like most on the block, declined to be quoted by name, citing fear of the purported drug dealers.

Kemper said he was comfortable speaking in part because he was leaving New Orleans for Chicago. He was stuffing his belongings into a minivan as he spoke Monday afternoon.

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