Update: Gucci Mane Will Participate in Jeezy Verzuz Rap Battle After Previously Declining

Welp, looks like ‘TrapGod’ Gucci Mane has decided to do it for the streets and battle his longtime nemesis, Jeezy ‘The Snowman’ in a Verzuz battle.

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Just last week Jeezy said that his team had reached out to Gucci Mane for a challenge and that Gucci “respectively declined” to participate in the battle.

Since announcing his participation the internet has gone absolutely crazy with anticipation.

The two even traded lightweight shots back & forth with Gucci referencing Jeezy as ‘SnoCone’

Jeezy responded by telling Gucci “not to send his clone’

Who do think will win this showdown? TAKE THE POLL & see how others voted. This is definitely guaranteed to be entertaining!

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WATCH: Jeezy Said Gucci Mane ‘Respectfully Declined’ Verzuz Battle


WATCH: Rapper Gucci Mane Talks About Jail Drying Him Out Of The Drugs And Helping Him Get Rid Of Toxic People 

“Life in prison was… hell” 

Gucci Mane says in this video interview produced by The FADER and conducted shortly after the Atlanta rapper transitioned from maximum security prison to house arrest, where he’ll be until September. 

But after three years in jail, he is also three years sober.

“I was on drugs so bad, I talked different. When I was smoking damn near a pound of weed every other day, I was congested. When I was drinking lean like crazy every day, I was out of my mind.” 

Despite all the clone rumors, he says he’s not so much a different man as he is “a sober, more conscious Gucci.” 

Addressing the clone chatter directly, he adds:

 “It’s funny. I embrace it. A clone is, like, perfection. So if I look like a machine or a robot, then I’m doing something well.”

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