You Can Still Claim Child Tax Credits or Stimulus Checks Without Filing Taxes

Are you still wondering if you’re eligible to receive any of the COVID 19 Stimulus benefits?

According to a tweet posted on social media, Social Security states that you can still receive the Child Tax credit and/or stimulus payments.

I finally received a stimulus check after almost 1 year and half, but hey I still got it. Mine was held up with taxes but according to Social Security, you don’t need to file taxes in order to claim. I’m taking steps to claim the other two checks as well.

Visit for more information on how. It’s definitely worth a try! The government rarely gives anything away. I say let’s get the money while it’s there to still get!

Dozens of Georgia School Bus Drivers Go on Strike to Enforce Covid Rules & Higher Pay

Dozens of school bus drivers in DeKalb County, GA have been on strike since Friday morning. According to Channel 2 News, nearly 60 drivers called out sick Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

Many of the drivers told Channel 2 News that they went on strike to get the district’s attention, and it worked.

They want more enforcement of children keeping their masks on while riding the bus, higher pay, to know when a child with COVID-19 gets on the bus and to have plexiglass installed for their protection.

DeKalb resident Marckieth DeJesus: “MARTA bus drivers have it, Greyhound bus drivers have it, Mega Bus has it. Why don’t the schools have it?”

On the flip…

LAPD Employees Plan to Seek Exemptions from Covid 19 Vaccine Mandates

LA TIMES — According to a source in city government who was not authorized to share the preliminary data, more than 2,600 LAPD employees have indicated that they plan to pursue religious exemptions, while more than 350 plan to seek medical ones.

Under the ordinance, city employees must be fully vaccinated by Oct. 5 unless they are granted a religious or medical exemption. Employees who receive exemptions will be subject to regular testing for the coronavirus, according to the ordinance.

The vaccination rate among LAPD employees has hovered at slightly more than 50% for months, lagging behind the general public and raising concerns about the health risk posed to the people they interact with on the streets and in confined spaces such as jails and courthouses.

Read more of this article on LA Times

I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic. Should Covid 19 vaccinations be mandatory for public officials such as police? Why or why not?