Dozens of Georgia School Bus Drivers Go on Strike to Enforce Covid Rules & Higher Pay

Not every parent agrees with the drivers. Parent Lisa Muzi said:

“I think the bus drivers need to protect themselves, but I don’t think they need to infringe on the children’s rights that maybe don’t want to wear masks. Maybe their parents don’t think they should be, so they should be allowed to ride on the bus and the bus driver should be able to represent himself how he sees fit, so there should be room for both.”

Read more on the DeKalb County bus driver strike here.

Who do you think is right or wrong and why? Should students be required to wear face coverings on school buses? Are the bus drivers being unreasonable for their requests?

Let me know in the comments!


  1. I don’t think the drivers are being unreasonable. Kids SHOULD be wearing face coverings anyway due to the amount of contact they have with other kids on a daily basis.



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