Ratchet Azz Baby Mama Tosses Baby Out Of Car on Live

What in the ratchet a** baby mama/daddy drama hell is going on here? I feel so sorry for that baby. No child deserves this kind of introduction into life.

From what I gathered, they were arguing over two outfits that the mother sent with the child on a visit with the father. When she came to pick the baby up, the father said he couldn’t find the outfits sending the mother into hysterics. Continue reading “Ratchet Azz Baby Mama Tosses Baby Out Of Car on Live”

Toddler Found Tied Up With A Bungee Cord To A Gate

Absolutely heartbreaking. How could anyone treat a kid this way? It’s unfathomable. 

KHQ’s Cynthia Johnson reports on a photo that has sparked outrage on social media.

First Photo Of 2 Year Old Boy Killed By Florida Gator

Lane Graves, 2 Rest In Peace, little man. pic.twitter.com/QgnZkLzHnF — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) June 16, 2016 Photo Of Nebraska Boy Killed By Gator Released Yesterday Matt and Melissa Graves got the heartbreaking news that the body of their 2-year-old son Lane had been recovered intact, just 15 yards from where he was snatched, playing in…

via R.I.P. Little Lane: First Photo Of 2-Year-Old Dragged Into Lagoon By Gator Released, Does His Race Matter? — Bossip

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