Sign the Petition: Ban Pet De-Vocalization Surgeries

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So I got an alert for a new signature request from and wanted to share.

The online petition for WATSON’S LAW, which has currently 69K signatures, is asking for the ban of de-barking animals — mainly dogs.

According to the petition, housing developers are requiring residents to have animals de-barked via a medical procedure called de-vocalization. The procedure removes a part of the animal’s vocal chord to silence the animal. It is irreversible and illegal in 4 states.

Unbelievable! I’ve never ever heard of such. This seems so infringing, insensitive & inhumane! I’ve lived beside a barking dog or two so I can definitely appreciate the need for having strict pet policies within housing communities, but to require residents (and pets) to have to endure this kind of cruelty should be a crime. I can’t believe these corporations are able to get away with this all for the sole purpose of capital gain. I mean what’s next?!

I’m all about solutions. Build more pet friendly neighborhoods. Make more accommodations for both. I’ve lived in neighborhoods where every neighbor had a dog. I’ve lived in neighborhoods where none of the neighbors really had dogs.

I can definitely see why so many young people are starting to choose the country rural life. Less restrictions, less neighbors. More freedom. The sad part is due to US housing shortages tenants are actually having these surgeries done to their family pets. The effects are irreversible so the pet suffers in silence (literally) forever.

I signed the petition, will you? Pet lovers let’s get in the fight for our furry friends, especially those who have lost their voice.

Here is the link to the story.


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