Judge Issues Nipsey Hussle’s Killer a Strong Warning About Prison


Did the judge just green -???? ..never mind.

Eric Holder, the man that murdered Compton’s (and the world’s) beloved Nipsey Hussle, has already received a furry a backlash and hell for the killing of the west coast rap royal. His family has received the brunt of the furry as well. It is unclear if it was two of his brothers or cousins that have been murdered out in Compton. His younger brother allegedly committed suicide.

Nipsey was a Rollin 60s Crip. He was also a robinhood of his neighborhood. His murder was catastrophic to both the real world and the music world. Some say Eric Holder signed his own death warrant. He was recently sentenced to 60 to life.

Back in 2022, he was attacked by inmates as he was being transported back to the jail facility from court. (resulting in the photo above) It is unclear if the beatdown was in retaliation for the killing of Nipsey. One can only assume.

Prison politics are deeper than rap. Gang politics are deep than that.

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