Pennsylvania Groom Allegedly Sexually Assaults Bridesmaid Two Days Before Wedding

The Associated Press– A Pennsylvania groom sexually assaulted a bridesmaid two days before his wedding.

Daniel Carney was charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse of an unconscious person and indecent assault.

A 29-year-old Oregon woman in town for the Carney’s Sept. 1 wedding, told police she blacked out and awoke to Carney sexually assaulting her in the men’s locker room at a hotel where they were staying. The assault stopped when the bride came in. She then started fighting with Carney. 

According to WNEP, despite the incident, Carney and his wife still got married.

Um, my main question is how did the bridesmaid get to the men’s locker room?

Ladies could you still get married to a man if he cheated 2 days before the wedding?


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