Did US Blacks Sell Out Our Own into Slavery?

The slavery of African Americans over 396 years ago, is and forever will be an adverse raw spot in both American and African histories.

I ran across this article on conservative site, Medium.com which revisits the story of Dr Alexander Falconbridge, who served as the surgeon aboard a number of slave ships that plied their trade between the West African coast and the Caribbean in the late 1700s. He described his experiences in a published book in 1788.

I have always heard rumblings of Black African & Caribbeaners selling our own into slavery. Like many African Americans, I could notbelieve or accept that we could and would do such a horrendous thing to our own. The ramifications of the facilitation of our enslavement have been catastrophic for Black generations yet to come.

After reading not only this article, but researching other publications surrounding the Black slave trade, I am more and more convinced that we did in fact betray our own for the sake of financial gain. That makes me very sad. I question if ever Black Lives Mattered.

Dr Falconbridge’s in depth documentation of the vicious, heartbreaking & meticulous slave trade procedures are deeply compelling. It’s an interesting story that should be heard in hopes that all races and cultures can get an authentic understanding of the history of slavery and how both races BLACK AND WHITE played a part in facilitating and perpetuating it. As a black woman, I am not ok with this.

Dr Falconbridge later dedicated his efforts to the abolishment of human slavery and became active in the Anti-Slavery Society. He was eventually appointed Governor of a freed slave colony on the coast of modern day Sierra Leone.

Click the picture below to read his story of how Blacks sold other Blacks into the hands of white slave owners.

What are your thoughts?

Click here to access the article link

Author: brandycavalli

Today's post was by Brandy "Bee" Cavalli. Brandy is an international marketer, freelance writer based in Atlanta, GA.

2 thoughts on “Did US Blacks Sell Out Our Own into Slavery?”

  1. Unfortunately, this is true . Which would explain why blacks cannot seem to unite even today some 400 years later. We must do better. Thanks for posting this queen.


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