Elderly Michigan Woman Fights Off Two Crackhead Carjackers with Her Cane

Anybody that could do this to an elderly person in particular is a nasty yankin, vile pig that does not deserve to walk the free world or breathe free air. Judging by the mugshot pics on NY POST something tells me the dope did this.

The #GirlGangster award of the day goes out to this fiery pistol of an elderly lady who has a gigantic pair of titanium steel balls. My kind of girl!

Unfortunately there will always be a bottom rung of society who prey on what they perceive to be the weak. We all have elders in our family no matter who you are or where you’re from. I’m from the crime era in which besides women, elders and children were off limits.

I’m sure they realized that if they ran up on a man he would have beat the brakes off their asses handled them accordingly so they chose to victimize this 88 year old lady.

Karma awaits and hopefully they have a few bumps and lumps from GG OG’s cane going upside their heads! These kinds of people don’t survive prison. Good riddance!

NY POST — Two suspects in Michigan were arrested for carjacking an 88-year-old woman in a Walmart parking lot — after she tried to get the best of one with her cane, authorities said.

Jason Malinas, 38, of Sterling Heights, and Jessica St. Clair, 41, of Wayne, are facing charges after police say they attacked Gloria Kevelighan on Tuesday after she parked her 2017 Ford Escape in a handicapped spot at a Walmart in Livonia.

“He pushed me and I fell flat on my face,” Kevelighan told WJBK. “I hit my head, I was bleeding and everything.”

Kevelighan, whose car and purse were later recovered, said the frightening incident happened in a blur.

“It was traumatic but it happened in seconds,” she told the station. “It happened before I knew what was happening. I had my purse on my arm and he kept pulling so I finally let go, you know. I’m a mess but I’m alive and that’s the important thing.”

But Kevelighan — who escaped serious injury, though she suffered bruises to her face and arm — did her best to put up a fight, she said.

“I tried to hit him with my cane but I couldn’t, he seemed to want to stay behind me,” she said. “So I couldn’t see his face, you know? I tried to turn around and sock him with my cane. If anyone bothers me, I use my cane.”

The robbers were each ordered held on $2 million bail.

Kevelighan, meanwhile, didn’t hesitate when asked how she would react if she ever crossed paths with the robbers again.

“I’d kill the son of a bitch,” she told WJBK. “The way he pushed me, he didn’t care, he was very strong.”

Watch the video and read more on NY POST.

Author: brandycavalli

Today's post was by Brandy "Bee" Cavalli. Brandy is an international marketer, freelance writer based in Atlanta, GA.

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