Baby Mother of Rapper Rick Ross Says He Is Absentee Father

Tia Kemp, the feisty cutthroat ex of rapper “Rick Ross” hopped on IG live to air him out for what she deems as continued emotional neglect of their 12 year old son.

The estranged pair, who started dating before the rapper blew up on the hip hop music scene, have always had a publicly tumultuous relationship with Tia using the press and social media to get her messages of displeasure across to the Wing Stop franchisee.

Years ago, Tia appeared on “Ross’s” arch nemesis vlog show, “This is 50” created by 50 Cent and blasted the rapper for being a “fake, fraud & a phony.”

She claimed the ex corrections officer-turned- gangster rapper was not providing enough financial and emotional support for the child whom she says questions why his father won’t stay around consistently. She also accused the Miami rapper of repossessing her car and other valuables he would give her in retaliation for asking for more child support.

The rapper has since had another child with a woman known on IG as a “fitness model” and has a teenage daughter by another woman who is suing 50 Cent for the leak of her sex tape with another man- not “Ross.”

Do you think Tia Kemp publicly discussing issues with her “baby daddy” is a good look for the child?

After all, that’s what all this is really about, the kid — right?

I personally wouldn’t give him the satisfaction, clearly he chooses not to come around his son for whatever reason. I don’t believe in begging a man to do what a man is supposed to do. If he doesn’t want to be in the child’s life it’s very unfortunate for the child, but he can’t be forced. Hopefully if her story is true, he will realize that all of his children need and deserve more than his financial support. It’s unfair to treat the children unequally and equal time should be spent with them all.

I guess this is why I don’t have children. Just a little too much drama for me.

Check it out:


One Comment

  1. She needs to quit begging the bastard. If he doesn’t want to be a father to his son let him explain why to God. U cant make these so called men do anything!



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