Happy Birthday to Hollywood Actor Robert De Niro!!!

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šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰All together on the count of 3 … sing!!! — Ha-ppy Birth-dayĀ to one of the most prolific and respected actors to ever touch down in Tinseltown.

It’s hard to believe that Robert De Niro is now in his 70’s. I wish classic actors such as him were immortal & ageless –we’d keep him around forever.

Mr. De Niro has blessed the big screens with his magnificent and unequivocal gangsterness my entire life. From The Godfather to Goodfellas to Meet the Parents, he has had one of the most versatile and extensive careers in Hollywood.


Personally, I’d have to say one of my favorite roles portrayed by De Niro is probably of Jewish handicapper Sam “Ace” Rothstein in the forever classic gangster flickĀ Casino —Ā he totally finessed the role.

TheĀ 1995 AmericanĀ epicĀ crimeĀ drama film, directed byĀ Martin ScorseseĀ stars De Niro,Ā Joe Pesci, andĀ Sharon Stone. InĀ Casino, Rothstein (De Niro) is called byĀ the Italian MobĀ to oversee the day-to-day operations at the fictional Tangiers CasinoĀ inĀ Las Vegas.

Robert DeNiroGoodfellas

In addition to starring in some of Hollywood’s leading motion pictures, Robert De Niro has also produced and directed various blockbuster projects including Prison Song, starring Q-Tip, Mary J Blige and Fat Joe.Ā Check out this extended list of his work which dates back to the 70’s.

What’s your favorite Robert De Niro role?

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