Australian Farm Grazes Cows On Cadbury’s Chocolate

This story has nothing to with crime, as a matter of fact, quite the opposite.

According to Fortune Magazine, an Australian farmer is grazing his cows in the lap of luxury. While most cattle that produce the top grain beef known as “wagyu” graze on just plain ol grass, his cows are chowing down on gummy bears and Cadbury’s chocolate. Yummy.

Originally posted on Fortune:

Forget the days of premium grass-fed beef. Nowadays, chocolate-fed Wagyu is the new luxury beef, an Australian cattle farm claims.

Scott De Bruin, managing partner of 171-year-old Mayura Station, wants everyone to know his cows are eating what he calls only “the best”: Cadbury’s chocolate, along with gummy bears and other ingredients.

He tells Fortune in an interview.

“A happy cow is a good cow.”

De Bruin believes the term “Wagyu” is overused on menus, so his company is simply renaming its products “Mayura beef.” Overall, the “Wagyu” label has become too generic, which doesn’t do suppliers any favors in relaying the different qualities of beef available, explains Mayura’s distributor, Jason Lo.

Feeding chocolate to cows isn’t particularly new. Farmers have turned to the sweets in the past to help keep costs down amid high corn prices, and candy has also turned up in the feeds of dairy farmers, who’ve used it to boost the content of butterfat in their cows’ milk.

But De Bruin says his regime—which involves weekly deliveries of 10 tons of chocolate—has a few secret ingredients, and, overall, brings his costs up about 25%.

“To actually include this in the feed is actually quite expensive for us. It’s much more expensive than feeding corn. So for us, it’s not about lowering the cost or producing it more economically. This is about producing an item that distinguishes itself in flavor.”

Read the entire article: This Farm Is Betting Big on Chocolate-Eating Cows — Fortune


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