WATCH: San Diego State Campus Police Slam & Nearly Break Student’s Back

So …the hashtag #BlackUnderAttackSDSU is trending live on social media and the following video explains why.
Just wow. The students of San Diego State University have since began peaceful protests in hopes of speaking with campus administration in regards to racial tension and campus police brutality.

The details of what happened prior have not come to light, but the video — shot by a fellow student — shows nothing that warranted this young man being treated this way. The force used was excessive —very. Matter of fact, if there were no video cameras or people around, this kid might have not made it out alive. That’s a terrifying reality, especially since he was not posing a threat to the officers and was clearly well subdued. 

Horrified students took to social media to blast school officials for their handling of the situation. 

SDSU students allege that instead of school officials addressing the arrest and attempting to ease their concerns, the doors were closed and locked in their faces.

How does a seemingly reasonable conversation turn into this type of confrontation? 

As of yet, San Diego State University has not released any statements via the media nor social media. 

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  1. Funny how people who know nothing about the circumstances of this situation come up and start filming and saying its police brutality when all the kid had to do was follow simple instructions such as sit down or put you hands behind your back. Instead he chose to starting yelling and fighting the officers. I see absolutely no “excessive” use of force here. Maybe next time help the officers control this idiot instead of standing back behind the safety of your iPhone


    1. Child boo. Take your racist ass on somewhere. When did they tell him to put his hands behind his back? After slamming him to the ground. You sound dumb. Go find another forum to spew your racist bs! You’re everything that’s wrong with this world.


  2. Lol, you can clearly hear them say sit down. I threw in out your hand behind your back in there as another example. Bet if you actually knew this kid you wouldn’t be defending him


    1. I don’t know this kid & nobody is defending ‘him’ persay. This could be anybody. All I see is him talking them being slammed. And two officers attacking. I hope his family sued the fawk out of the school. Video doesn’t lie!


      1. Clearly we don’t agree so I’ll agree to disagree. Until you have lived through racism by racist trolls like you, you wouldn’t understand. You make the world suck so bad. Now Make like bananas and split!


  3. I go to SDSU, and this article is making a bigger deal out of this than it is. The man is not a student and just walked on campus. He was on drugs and twice jumped the fence in a construction zone. When people started calling the police, he was in the student union and wouldn’t answer questions about if he was ok or what he was doing. The police and security tried talking to him for a while before they arrested him. He also suffered no injuries when they took him to jail. There are bad arrests, but this wasn’t one of them.


    1. I stated the details weren’t clear at the time of the post and clearly the SDSU students didn’t know those details because it viral in no time.
      So thank you for your comment. When proof that your version of the story is accurate surfaces, I’d be willing to change my opinion. Thanks for stopping by!


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