Chris Brown’s Lawyer Says LAPD Found No Guns Or Drugs At His Home

Something in the milk just wasn’t clean about the lie story that Chris Brown’s gun accuser, Baylee Curran was telling.

According to Bossip, Brown’s defense attorney is saying that they have proof that the dethroned beauty queen was sharing falsehoods the entire time and there were no guns found in his Hollywood home.

Via TMZ:

Chris Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, says a woman’s claim Chris pointed a gun at her is nothing more than a false accusation made in hopes of becoming famous.

Geragos addressed the media Friday — and made it clear — he says no guns or drugs were found by cops in the singer’s home. He also stated reports Brown’s 2-year-old daughter, Royalty, was home during the alleged incident are total BS.

It’s interesting … Mark said his office is still investigating the validity of text messages Baylee Curran allegedly sent which show she was trying to set Chris up. Geragos said if it’s found Curran did lie, he’ll call for a criminal investigation against her.

It’s really a shame that someone can just make up a lie and sell it to the tabloids as gospel. Let this be reminder to us all –to keep an eye on the company we keep.

Take the poll and tell me if you think Baylee should be held accountable for her lie(s).

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