Donald Trump Refused To Take Press On Sit Down With Mexican President

According to CNNMONEY:

Donald Trump went to Mexico City without his press corps on Wednesday, leaving media organizations scrambling to get reporters on the ground to cover his joint press conference with the Mexican president.

And then Trump took just two questions from the press.

Following a toned-down statement in which an uncharacteristically accommodating Trump stressed the benefits of U.S.-Mexican cooperation, Trump was asked if he and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had discussed who would pay for Trump’s proposed wall between the two countries.

“Who pays for the wall, we didn’t discuss.”

Hmmm.. with all of the negative controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s cruel and hateful remarks about Mexico and its people, seems this would have been one of the most opportune times to have his press team along, if for nothing else, “to make him look good.” He is running for “President” after all. 

Clearly he wasn’t interested. 

One has to assume that because he passed up the perfect ‘opportunity’ to right a wrong, or at best — try to win a vote or two– that he’s completely unapologetic regarding his sentiments toward the people of Mexico. Nor is he in the least bit making any plans to mend any fences with them anytime soon. This snub was a direct slap in the face of everyone from the President of Mexico, whom the people resented for even arranging the meeting– on down. 

This guy’s arrogance is unconscionable. What a loser!

Read the entire article here

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