New Black Panthers Party Leader In Florida Calls Police After He Was Robbed 

I don’t know how to feel about this story. It’s actually a little appalling. 


Mediatakeout posted a story from FOX 13-Tampa about Ali Muhammad, who claims to be a leader of the New Black Panthers Party getting robbed at gunpoint and Mr. Muhammad does the unthinkable… He called the COPS to go after the robber. 

Check out the story:

A leader of the Black Panther movement in Tampa Florida, was robbed at GUNPOINT this weekend. The thief stole his diamond earrings, laptop and his bookbag on a dark street.

Ali called police – who managed to apprehend the robber, 18 year old Antwon Robinson, just a few hours after he called.

Listen to the interview, at the end Ali says he is still “very anti-police”

The fact that he called the cops is not the unthinkable part, but the fact that the Black Panthers are known for being so vocally “anti-police.” Crazier part here is at the end Muhammad still claims to be anti-police which is ridiculous and insanely hypocritical. 

So let me guess the coppers are only good for retrieving your stolen goods when you are the victim of crime, then you have no more use for them? Boy, bye! 

Reminds me of this picture I found to be hilarious on Twitter…


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