Netflix Raising Monthly Subscription Fees May 1 – 2016

Well…It’s gonna cost you a couple more dollars to “Netflix & chill”….

According to AJC Atlanta:

Starting in May, Netflix’s standard streaming plan will cost $9.99 a month for everyone. As of now, people who subscribed earlier than May 2014 have only been billed their old price of $7.99.

Forty-one percent of customers surveyed said they wouldn’t accept a hike, but only about 3 percent of users are expected to actually leave because of it. 

Customers in favor of traditional TV outlets may be in for a rude awakening. Some of the largest cable and satellite companies nationwide are also raising prices. 

Customers of DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Dish Network will all see their bills go up by at least $2. So no matter what, it’s going to cost more. 

Here’s the thing, can anyone tell me why the rates are going up for the same service?  I personally am a HULU girl but I’m sure at some point they’ll follow in the Netflix footprints being as though they are direct competitors. 

As a consumer that’s a bummer. 

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