Did Suge Knight Kill Eazy E?


Eazy E. 1963-1995


If all of the rumors that surround Marion ‘Suge’ Knight are true, then Marion ‘Suge’ Knight is a bonafide monster.

First there were rumors that he had a hand in Tupac’s demise, and now Eazy E?

The newest suspicion is that Suge had Eazy E injected with the AIDS virus! Eeek!

According to All Hip Hop: 

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s Layzie Bone believes Eazy-E’s death was a conspiracy after Eazy died just months within testing positive for HIV. 

Layzie Bone recalls being in New York when Eazy caught a cold and said his illness became worse within a 4-month timespan. 

The rapper said it never fully added up for him because by February he had full blown AIDS, and by March he was gone. Layzie also says he saw Suge Knight’s 2003 Jimmy Kimmel interview where he made jokes about Eazy being poked by an infected needle.

“I’m like ‘ooh that n**** knew what was up.”

Smh, hope this isn’t true! Rest in Peace Eazy E!

Check out this interview with Eazy’s son, “Lil Eazy” in which he discusses the affects that losing his dad has had on his life.

Do you think Suge had Eazy E killed?

One Comment

  1. I still don’t know if he killed Tupac or not! When imprisoned in an earlier case, Suge clearly threatened Snoop during a filmed interview. Can’t think of his name. Don’t know if he’s an actual murderer tho. People who threaten can be just talk. Real killers don’t issue threats though less intelligent ones who are ego-driven may feel the need to.



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