Walking Fish Found In New Zealand

A walking fish was found in New Zealand, outside its usual habitation. (Source: TVNZ/CNN)

Via BAY OF ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND (TVNZ) – One man’s visit to New Zealand’s Bay of islands ended with an unusual discovery.

James Beuvink travels to the Bay of Islands every summer for a snorkeling trip.

But this year’s trip resulted in him seeing something new to him, a fish with legs. The curious creature is a frogfish, a type of anglerfish, and is an unusual sight in New Zealand.

The fish can not only walk but also possesses a strong bite that’s quite quick. Its jaws’ speed is compared to that of a 22-caliber bullet.

While the fish are not strong swimmers, scientist Andrew Stewart says the fish likely arrived in New Zealand waters as a result of being pushed down from the tropics during storms.

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