NY Woman Raped By eHarmony Date 

According to CBS News:

A woman arranged to meet a man she met on the dating site eHarmony by taking a bus into the city.

The woman got to the terminal and the man said he had a weapon and forced her to downstairs under the Port Authority. The man eventually took the woman to an abandoned subway tunnel to attack her.

The woman went found her way out after the alleged attack and contacted a nearby firefighter. The firefighter then contacted police.

The woman was treated at a nearby hospital.

eHarmony said in a statement that they have not been contacted by authorities about the case, but that they would cooperate, if asked.

We were shocked and saddened to learn about this tragic situation and are in the process of looking into it,” the statement said. “We use industry-leading technologies and a team of experts to screen potential users with the objective of keeping those with ill intent out of our ecosystem.

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