Surge In 2015 Cincinnati Violent Crime Baffles Clueless Experts & City Officials

Cincinnati Is A Dump

Not the starting Bengals lineup. Its Cincinnati’s Most Wanted Criminals. Can YOU spot any trend here in looking at this photo?

‘This year has been one of the Bloodiest in recent memory in Cincinnati.

By early this month more than 320 people had been shot this year within the city limits, with nearly 50 dying from those wounds. And while the city’s homicide rate has remained steady compared with 2014, the overall shooting totals are 30 percent higher than at this point last year.

Gangsta shooting style like so, common in hoods like the ‘Nati might be a factor, as opposed to the more accurate Weaver style stance and proper aim technique to hit center mass, and foster lethal shooting.

The victims range in age from 4-year-old Martaisha Thomas, who was shot in the head but survived in late July, to Edward Rose, 87, who died at the hands of…

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