North Carolina Barber Gives 4th Grader Free Haircuts For Life For Making Straight A’s In School

Here’s a heartwarming & awesome story. 

More of us need to use what we’ve got to encourage the youth to do the right thing. There are so many negative distractions in the world, it’s good to see this entrepreneur give back in a positive & impactful way. I’m sure this kid will never forget him.

Children truly are our future. It takes a village! 

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Via Bossip– A North Carolina fourth grader is learning that hard work and good grades pay off in a big way 

According to ABC News:

Kamarian Fox, 9, went to barber Mike Shelton at Next Level Barbershop in Gastonia, N.C., for the first time in August, right before starting the fourth grade, Shelton told ABC News today. After the two started talking, Shelton made Fox a promise: free haircuts for life if Fox earned good grades on his first report card.

“I could really tell he was a bright kid, excited about school and motivated,” Shelton said. “And I just said ‘Look, I’ll make you a deal.’”

On Nov. 16, Fox delivered, showing Shelton his straight-A report card.

“I opened it up, and before I could even read it, he said, ‘I’m here for my free haircut,’” Shelton said. “I was super pumped.”

Shelton held up his end of the deal and let Fox cut the line that day to get his free haircut. Shelton said he plans on cutting Fox’s hair every week.

Shelton told Fox, “As long as you keep your grades right, I will keep you looking right,” he said, adding that Fox is a “superstar” who lights up the barber shop whenever he goes in.

The proud barber, who Fox now calls “Uncle Mike,” hopes he can motivate other kids to do well in school.

“You never know, you can be that spark on one young person’s life,” Shelton said. “He could be the next president. He could be the person that changes the world.”

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