Hundreds See A Huge City Floating In The Clouds Above A Town In China 


Now this is pretty creepy stuff! 

The ‘floating city’ video allegedly captured in China has become an online phenomenon and the basis of countless new conspiracy theories. 

Some Youtubers are questioning the validity of the story (and picture) because there seems to be only one video circulating in the news. 

Many believe that if the ‘floating city’ were in fact a real occurance, there would be hundreds of pictures & videos throughout the Internet from perplexed onlookers– especially in today’s picture obsessed ‘Instagram’ society. I kind of agree, but the video is quite mind boggling. — and so are some of the theories surrounding it. 

The fact that there is only one piece of media does kind of seem suspicious. It’s kind of hard to believe that only one person had their camera ready –especially since most of us keep our phones either glued to our hands or very close by. There is no way everybody and their mother wouldn’t have recorded this.

Check out this video on YOUTUBE and peep the comments.

What do YOU think this floating city is??? 

Join the discussion. 

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