Justice Or Else: Thousands Gather for Million Man March 20th Anniversary

On a clear day in Washington D.C. thousands of people crowded around the National Mall on Saturday (Oct. 10)  to partake in the 20th Anniversay of the Million Man March. 

Before, the crowd was mostly made up of men but today there was a younger audience, filled with women and children as well. 

The March today was the themed as “Justice Or Else” focusing on Black and Native Americans, Latinos, women and so on. 

82, Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan gave a speech discussing police brutality, politics, domestic violence and abortion. 

“It is your body, you can do what you want with it.” But he added it would be tragic if a scientist or leader was aborted.

Farrakhan also talks black on black crimes and black should take accountability for situations as well.

The evil that is in our community produced by us cannot be overlooked as we challenge our government for justice. We cannot pass by the killings, abuse and rapes, robberies and crimes we commit on one another and focus on the government as though we have done what needs to be done in our own backyard.”


Snoop Dogg in attendance of the Million Man March. 10.10.15. Washington, DC

The mothers of Travon Martin, Oscar Grant, Sandra Bland, Michael and so many others came out the historic event today. 

Black children were signing their names on portraits of Martin Luther King, Farakhan, Travon Martin and more. 

Protesters for Black Lives Matter came, Farakhan calls them the next leaders of the Civil Rights movements. So many people came out wearing shirts, waving their flags and carrying signs supporting and standing for what they believed in.

A lot has been said for this amazing event not being televised. Thanks to live streaming from the internet and social media, lives and hearts have still been touched. 


Nation of Islam, Bryon C Muhammad (L) & other leaders of The Nation at the 20th Anniversary Million Man March

Read more and see more inspiring pictures of the Historic 20th Anniversary Million Man March


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