New Book Claims Bill Cosby Had His Son Murdered For Threatening To Expose Him


Bill Cosby national enquirer cover

Bill Cosby Accused Of Having Son Killed In New Book

It just keeps getting worse for Bill Cosby, but we think the National Enquirer may be asking for a lawsuit with their latest cover story — one which references a book written by the aunt of Bill Cosby’s alleged illegitimate daughter Autumn Jackson that claims he had his son Ennis murdered.

Wayment… Whet?

Bill Cosby had his only son murdered after the boy threatened to reveal disgusting details of the comic’s sordid sex life!

That’s the shocking claim in an explosive book manuscript exclusively obtained by The National ENQUIRER.

The tell-all, titled “Cosby’s Love Child,” was written by Jewel Star, the aunt of Cosby’s illegitimate daughter Autumn Jackson.

We hate to give the Cos the benefit of the doubt after the road the rape allegations took buuuuuuut isn’t it a bit much to accuse him of killing his own…

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