New Study Shows Violence In Young Black Boys Is Related To Feelings Of Helplessness



Study Shows Violence In Black Youth Is Related To Feelings Of Helplessness

A new study by both the North Carolina State University and Palo Alto University concluded that violence in young black males is associated with intense feelings of helplessness.


Tuesday, 47 ABC spoke with Dr. Kirkland Hall, former Somerset County NAACP president and Prof. Kathryn Barrett-Gaines, director of African-American studies for University of Maryland Eastern Shore to get their thoughts on the study.

Both Barrett-Gaines and Hall agreed that black males who feel like the cannot impact society and feel disenfranchised are more likely to turn down a violent path.

However, they differed on how that problem should be addressed.

Hall said the burden should fall on older black males in the community, including himself, as well as others to address the youth before they succumb to negative influences.

Hall believe that too many people in…

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