Dope Readz: Crack, Rap & Murder by Seth Ferranti 

“We were all friends [Chiles, Porter, and Martinez]. Preceding him killing Rich we were all cool on the street. We hung out. We got money. The fact that he told on anyone is not okay for me, and there is nothing to discuss, but even if he didn’t tell, we still wouldn’t be good because he killed Rich. I’m not cool with how that went. –Kevin Chiles, CEO – Don Diva Magazine

This week’s #DopeReadz comes courtesy of prison inmate-turned-acclaimed “street legend” author Seth Ferranti and tells the life story of Harlem hood legends–Alpo Martinez & Rich Porter. 


[“Alpo” was recently released from federal prison, according to Don Diva Magazine]

Stop by and cop a copy of Crack, Rap & Murder: The Cocaine Dreams of Alpo and Rich Porter on Amazon -then slide by Gorilla Convict for more ‘Street Legends’ commentary. 

For more 411 on upcoming projects be sure to connect with Seth Ferranti on Twitter — tell him Bee🐝 sent ya! 💯

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