Home Of Former Detroit Kingpin Raided; Accused Of Selling Heroin


Former Detroit kingpin Frank Usher

A one-time convicted murderer and Detroit drug kingpin Frank Usher is back in handcuffs.

Frank Lee Usher got a life sentence for murdering and beheading three people back in the 1980s, but he was a free man ever since a successful appeal in 1994 – until now.

On Thursday morning, Usher’s Southfield home was raided, accused of selling heroin to undercover federal agents.

Police once believed he may have been involved in 15 murders but he was convicted of three. He was also previously convicted of aggravated assault and a felon in possession of a firearm.

Usher was sent to Jackson Prison, sentenced to life for a triple murder in 1979 that shocked the city. Two men and a woman were shot multiple times, beheaded with their hands cut off at the Federated Democratic Club on the east side.

Usher was one of five charged with the murders. After serving 15 years he had his sentence overturned on appeal by a technicality.

Investigators say Usher sells heroin with another suspect at a second house on St. Aubin and E. McNichols.

FOX 2 had the only cameras rolling as ATF agents and Wayne County deputies take Usher into custody.

Usher told a judge that he is retired from a restaurant position since 2002. Prosecutors say he is able to pay for a large residence on Webster near Southfield and 12 Mile.

Agents seized Usher’s black Ford F-150 truck while at the same time the house was being raided on St. Aubin and three other suspects taken into custody.

Some who live near the drug house say that it has been a source of danger and fear.

“Yeah, I wish they could get rid of all of them,” said a neighbor. “We’ve got kids around here.”

No bond was given for Usher, 71, whose past convictions are being reviewed.

He will be held in Wayne County Jail until a possible arraignment Friday in court.

See more, including the video at MY Fox Detroit

Catch the real story of Detroit kingpin Frank Usher featured alongside Detroit hit man, Chester Wheeler, in Diary of a Motor City Hit Man, written by True Crime author Christian Cipollini!


Diary of a Motor City Hit Man. Photo by Christian Cipollini

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