As US Economics Change, The Term “Middle Class” Fades Away


middle class family-home

On the 2016 presidential campaign trail, you might hear phrases like “hardworking taxpayers” or “everyday Americans,” but the term “middle class” seems to be conspicuously missing from the candidates’ vocabulary, The New York Times reports…Why bother mentioning the “middle class” if this American social stratum is becoming extinct? The last 30 years saw income gains that slid into the pockets of the highest earners in the U.S. “The cultural consensus around what it means to be ‘middle class’ — and that has very much been part of the national identity in the United States — is beginning to shift,” said Sarah Elwood, a professor at the University of Washington.


Should More Men Join The Fight For Paid Parental Leave?

father and son

A lack of maternity leave makes it hard for women to support their families and even come back after time away from the job. According to reports, only…

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