Serial Killer “Happy Face Killer” Left a Trail of Misery

An inside look into how the families of serial killers are affected due to their evil, foreboding crimes.


The Happy Face Killer by Jack Olsen

Killers Without Conscience

Some murderers loves the spotlight and love the nicknames the media invents to mark their crimes. It’s her or his chance for that macabre 15 minutes of fame. That and a few loose screws in the head. This tale deals with one such murderer who happens to be a serial killer, except with a slight twist. This murderer became upset when he did not get attention for his first killing, and wrote letters to media and prosecutors about the murder, always signing them with a happy face. He named himself the Happy Face Killer.

I don’t usually blog about serial killers because they become a bore after a while and the intimate details about the attacks are stomach-turning.  Everyone wants to be the new Ted Bundy. However, this one spoke to me because the killer’s family was directly affected by his behaviours, and his own daughter offered interviews about her childhood with a serial killer father. Eventually she penned…

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