White Girl Vicky Gets Arrested In N.C. ‘Mall Brawl’

Reading her rights: On Saturday, Woah Vicky (real name Victoria Waldrip) was arrested at at Greensboro, North Carolina¿s Four Seasons Town Centre

Black white girl Woah Vicky (real name Victoria Waldrip) was arrested at Greensboro, North Carolina’s Four Seasons Town Centre Mall and charged with ‘trespassing, assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer’ according to Blast.

In an explosive video recorded by mall goers, Black white girl Vicky is seen being wrestled to the ground by the police. Eventually the cops handcuff Waldrip’s hands behind her back, get her to her feet and lead her away.

The blonde teen courted controversy in July last year for claiming she is actually black.

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Victoria claims that a DNA test proved what she says she has always believed. Despite her natural dirty blonde hair color and zero percent skin melanin, that she is actually black – not white.

Since then, the Atlanta, Georgia native has taken to regularly posting pictures and videos online, speaking in an ‘urban accent’, repeatedly saying the N-word, and embracing what she sees as black culture – wearing grills, do-rags and shower caps, twerking and fighting.

My whole entire life my mom kept telling me “you’re white” and I never believed her because I knew I was black,’ she said, adding that she will celebrate the day she ‘found out she was black’ as her new birthday.

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Welp. Welcome to the wonderful world of being “black” white girl Vicky.

I’m sure her parents are so ashamed proud of her.

This little clown is such a stereotypical parody of the African American culture and I find nothing funny with her charade. Actually it’s a disgrace and she’s nothing more than a culture vulture.

We don’t believe you black white girl Vicky!! — and just a friendly hint of advice: watch who you drop those N-word bombs around!

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White Girl Vicky Explains How She Is Black


Instagram coon, “Whoa Vicky,” says that she believes she is of black decent, despite having bone straight dirty blonde hair, pale melanin free skin, and crystal ocean blue eyes.

In the video below Vicky gets into full character mode and goes above and beyond to explain why she believes she is a black girl. Social media went nuts.

Being black is unique. It’s a unique experience. My guess is once the gig is up and she realizes what a struggle being an African American can be, she will get back to some white privilege faster than you can say watermelon.

My question is where are her parents? Come and get Becky Vicky!


MediaTakeOut apparently has confirmed what we already suspected, that White girl Vicky is definitely white. All white.

After doing some digging they were able to locate pictures of Vicky’s parents who are in fact Anglo Saxon Caucasians. Apparently her father is a business owner and Vicky appears to live a life of comfort in suburban metro Atlanta.

Check out the story here.

The gigs up Black girl Victoria!