Chicago Boy Strung Out on Spice Drug

Stay away from drugs little boys and girls.

This hard to watch viral video shows a young man, roughly 15 or 16 years old, strung out out on the synthetic drug K2 or spice.

A lot of states such as California are banning spice, which is often sold over the counter and easily accessible to teens.

Personally I believe all states should ban it and/or at best take it off the mainstream market. That’s a no brainer.


California Bans SpiceĀ 

The City Council unanimously approved a ban on a synthetic drug known as “spice,” which San Diego authorities say is responsible for a rash of hundreds of medical distress cases in recent months.

The law prohibits the manufacture, sale, distribution and possession of federal Schedule I drugs, “novel synthetic drugs” and “novel psychoactive drugs,” categories that include spice, according to the City Attorney’s Office.

The San Diego Police Department recommended the ban — which does not apply to medical marijuana — because of holes in state and federal regulations that are exploited by makers and sellers of so-called designer drugs. Only a handful of the 100 or so chemical formulas used to make the drug are prohibited.

If you have never seen what a person “on spice” looks like, check out this video. What in the world could possibly be in that stuff?
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