8 Real-Life 911 Calls That Will Shock And Scare The Shit Out Of You

Thought Catalog:

Death is a part of life; that’s the way life goes and it’s something we can’t control. But it’s how each of us will die that remains unknown. We all want to grow old and die in our sleep. That’s the way it should be.

But we live in a world filled with so much evil that we just never know how we’ll die. It could be today, it could be tomorrow—it could be now as you’re reading this.

We never truly know what one is thinking. Someone could be watching a horror movie and think that they could do the same thing, only better. 

Someone could be filled with so much jealousy that they would rather see you dead than see you with anyone else. 

These eight 911 calls are shocking and are filled with fear. We grow up thinking that only strangers could do us harm, never do we think that the ones who could kill us are the ones we love the most.

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LaQuan McDonald Beyond His Murder


LaQuan McDonald –more than a news headline. He also was also more than a person that was shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer on Oct. 20, 2014. He’s more than a character in a dashcam video. More than a murder victim. More than a $5 million settlement. Stu Douglas knew LaQuan. 

On his Facebook account, Stu wrote an impassioned piece on the human being that has raised calls for police reform to maddening levels. 

Stu explains is relationship with LaQuan as well as who the young man was that has put another scope on police brutality.

So let me tell you about LaQuan.
The reason I want to tell you about him is because he deserves to be remembered for more than a police dash cam video. He had a phenomenal personality, he had an infectious smile and he had so much potential that was mercilessly stolen from him.

I worked directly with LaQuan from my first day at CASA and he was the first child I advocated for. Usually we assign volunteers and we just supervise the case, but for LaQuan, I was his volunteer.

LaQuan had a rough upbringing. He had been taken away from his mum at a young age after suffering from an abusive father and was never really counseled on what had happened to him. He was in and out of juvenile detention for petty crimes but overall his biggest issue was that lacked stability in his life.

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RIP LaQuan! 

Mexican Court Grants Cartel Kingpin House Arrest

A Mexican federal court has granted the drug kingpin Ernesto “Don Neto” Fonseca house arrest for the last ten years of his prison sentence. 

Fonseca was given a forty year prison sentence for his responsibility in the torture and death of a DEA agent.   Eighty five year old, Fonseca, the former leader of […]

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