November Is Men’s Mental Health Month

Thanks to Twitter I just learned that November is Men’s Mental Health Month.

I think it is truly amazing to celebrate men while attempting to open up dialogue about mental health wellness. I feel like as a society we condition men from boyhood to suppress their emotions. On the flip, females are taught that is completely acceptable to express our feelings freely. Actually for men most times their expression of emotion is correlated with being girly or weak. This is an extremely dangerous caveat. Men need an outlet to express emotions other than anger.

With all of the intense pressures most men face daily, it is very imperative that we begin to open more meaningful dialogue as well as provide judgement free safe havens for men to share their feelings. If we do this, I think over time we will see many factors of society improve.

I’d like to challenge you to reach out to a male once a week for this entire month, just to check on them. Let them know that you are available to provide a listening ear if needed.

Let’s celebrate Men’s Mental Health Month & lets start with our own family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. #CallHim