WATCH: Easter Bunny Brawls At New Jersey Mall


What was supposed to be a happy trip to see the Easter Bunny at the Newport Mall in Jersey City turned into an all-out brawl in front of shocked children.

A video posted to Twitter on Sunday shows a man dressed as the Easter Bunny, without the head, throwing furry fists as customers wait in line to have their photos taken. 

The beginning of the clip shows other customers and mall security separating the Easter Bunny and a man in a brown shirt. The fight appears to be over, but seconds later, the Easter Bunny throws off his gloves and goes after the man again.

Eventually, security is able to get the situation under control.

SMH! Can you imagine being a child and witnessing this take place? Tragic.

The Easter Bunny? In a brawl in the mall. Only in 2016.

There’s no info on what started the fight.