WATCH: Drones Stand No Chance Against Trained Assassin Eagles

How can a rogue drone be taken down? 

For Dutch company Guard From Above, bird is the word. The firm claims to be “the first company in the world to use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones.” 
At the end of Jan., Guard From Above released a video in which one of its trained assassins incapacitates a quadcopter in mid-air. The raptor swings up, clenches the hapless, sputtering robot in its talons, and plants the device on a ledge—in what looks to be the avian equivalent of a choke-hold.

The company says it works “mainly for national and international governmental security agencies,” including a test partnership with the Dutch National Police. (The police department has apparently asked a Dutch scientific research organization to make sure no birds are harmed on the job.)

Killer eagles are not totally unexpected. At the end of 2014, Fortune predicted that drone hunting would become a sport. And from a counter-terrorism point of view, if we already use canines to sniff out drugs and bombs, why not use raptors to tackle drones?

Check out a video:

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