Sinaloa Mexican cartel queen Claudia Ochoa Felix dies of drug overdose — The Last Girl Standing


Claudia Ochoa Felix: The Cartel’s ‘Hit’-lady?

Gangster Girls Documentary features Claudia Ochoa Felix. The glamorous “alleged” leader of assassins within the Sinaloa cartel.


The Last Girl Standing

Claudia Ochoa Felix likes to wear designer clothes and post glamorous selfies on Twitter but according to local media she is very bit as deadly as her black widow namesake.

Claudia Ochoa Felix

The 27-year-old makes no secret of her luxurious lifestyle. She sports low-cut designer dresses and bright lipstick in the many photos she posts on her social media sites.

The only thing that separates her from being like any other young woman is her trademark pink AK-47 assault rifle and her pet leopard.
Her photos include pictures of her shopping in luxury boutiques and occasionally snaps of her children, sometimes lying with hundreds of banknotes surrounding them in the bath or on the bed.

Felix is apparently now the leader of the “Los Antrax” hit squad that works for the Mexican Sinaloa cartel – which is one of the main sources of heroin in America.

She married a Sinaloa drug trafficker…

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