Former Atlanta ClayCo Sheriff Victor Hill Ordered to Federal Prison

Former Clayton County sheriff Victor Hill
Photo Credit: Atlanta Journal Constitution

If you are from Atlanta you probably know about Victor Hill — at best you probably know of him. He’s definitely no stranger to controversy. His career in law enforcement included 4 terms and spanned almost 2 decades, beginning in 2005.

Hill’s time as sheriff in Clayton County, (known as ClayCo if you’re from Atlanta) south of Atlanta, has been riddled with controversy. On his first day as sheriff, he fired more than two dozen deputies. He also used a military tank on drug raids as part of a tough-on-crime message.

He was voted out of office in 2008, but won it back again in 2012 despite facing more than two dozen criminal charges in a corruption case. A jury later acquitted him of all 27 charges, including theft and giving false statements. That cleared the way for Hill to continue as sheriff.

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GoFundMe Set up for Illinois Teen Killed by Sex Offender Boyfriend and Placed in Dumpster

Photo Credit: GoFundMe/Gracie Sasso-Cleveland

Here’s another devastating story of a young girl becoming victim of a man twice her age. These kinds of stories have to be every parent’s nightmare — especially of teen girls. Those teenage years are so tricky and lots of teen girls fall victim to simply loving the wrong guys. You never suspect an outcome as gruesome as this.

15 year old Gracie Sasso-Cleveland of Illinois was killed and her body placed in a trash dumpster by her boyfriend who turned out to be a 29 year old sex offender with previous offenses.

Gracie’s mother said she bears the regret of having not googled the guy her daughter was in a relationship with. Had she googled him she would have discovered he is listed on the National Sex Offender Registry. He was also on probation for a previous instance of sexual abuse. She may have also learned his real age which is over the legal age limit to date a minor.

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WATCH: Donald Trump Rape Trial Deposition Tape

Photo Credit: Law & Crime /

I haven’t really been keeping up with Donald Trump since his White House departure. Last I heard he was planning to run for President again in the 2024 election. Other than the normal lawsuits and investigations, I haven’t really followed his latest.

Among one of the many lawsuits was one filed by American journalist E. Jean Carroll. Carroll filed a second lawsuit against Trump in 2022, alleging battery and defamation, after New York enacted the Adult Survivors Act, which allows adult survivors of sexual violence to sue over attacks that occurred decades ago.

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