[FEATURE] What Ever Happened To Keisha In The Movie ‘Belly’

The Ride or Die Project

By Amanda Parris

Note: This article includes hyperlinks to videos and articles that include intense scenes of violence. Click at your own discretion.

A question that I asked all of the interviewees in the first phase of research for The Ride or Die Project was: How would you define what it means to be ride-or-die? In the numerous varied responses that I received, there was one name that kept coming up. When the name was said, I would smile and nod in recognition and we would laugh and shake our heads as though reminiscing over an old friend. However, she was not someone any of us knew personally. She also was not a celebrity or well-known actor. She was not a rapper or a b-girl or a graf writer. This person did not preside over turntables, host radio shows or direct music videos. In fact…this person was not even “real.” The…

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