Former Miss America Auctions Off Crown to Help Teachers Affected by The Pandemic

This is such an admirable story. Every girl knows what a big deal winning Miss America is. That glistening bejeweled crown has to be considered the most prized keepsake for any pageant queen.

The fact that this queen is willing to give up her beloved crown for the benefit of others is true QUEEN behavior. For all the fellas reading this, the beauty crown is equivalent to a super bowl or championship ring. It is the pinnacle of achievement for us girls. Imagine Tom Brady or Lebron selling one of their rings for charity. The proceeds would probably fetch millions.

The Insider — Former Miss America Marilyn Van Derbur is making history by auctioning off a Miss America crown for the first time, ahead of the pageant’s 100th anniversary in order to help teachers financially affected by the pandemic.

Van Derbur, 84, told The Washington Post that her crown is one of her “most prized possessions.” Anyone who knows a Miss America knows that a crown is the most special thing that she would personally own.”

The 1958 pageant winner will place her Swarovski crystal-covered crown and its matching bracelet on the auction block at an opening price of $20,000.

Van Derbur plans to use the proceeds from the souvenirs, which she initially intended to pass to her daughter, to help disadvantaged teachers in Denver, Colorado.

Read the rest of this story on The Insider.

One Comment

  1. This is so amazing. I know it must be difficult to let go of such a Prized possessions but it’s for a hood cause to help other people. Good job thank you for sharing this



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