Women Are Stockpiling Online Abortion Pills Due to Controversial Texas Abortion Ban

The Insider — After the recent passing of SB 8 in Texas— the most restrictive abortion law in the US to date — abortion experts and advocacy organizations are preparing for a future where abortions are sought online. Although the Texas ban was temporarily blocked by a federal judge, it has now been reinstated. And experts view the bill as a harbinger of the bans to come.

The pandemic has helped set the stage for mail-order abortion. This past April, the Food and Drug Administration began allowing the mail distribution of mifepristone — a medication taken along with misoprostol to induce an abortion up to 11 weeks. This ruling allowed for new research, which foundthat a self-managed abortion was equally as safe and effective as obtaining the pills from a clinic.

While medication abortion has long been recognized as safer than common medications such as Tylenol and Viagra, these two turning points, in tandem with the onslaught of anti-abortion bills, signal a future in the US in which mail-order abortions could become the norm. Read more on The Insider.

Wow! I have never in all my life heard of an abortion pill.

I have some pretty pointed opinions regarding abortion & government. Personally, I feel like the government has no right to regulate a woman’s body, ie: abortions.

It’s more a morality thing for me. What’s your thoughts?

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