Georgia Church Car Jacker Arrested After Police Chase

Anyone who commits crimes on church grounds does not deserve a place to breathe in the free world. That’s just my personal opinion.

Lock these kind of people up away from the general population and toss the keys.

Channel 2 News (Atlanta):

The Alpharetta Police Department confirmed with Channel 2 Action News that a carjacking happened at a church Friday evening.

Police said Jason Taratoot, 31,  held the victim at gunpoint and stole a green Kia Soul at St. James Methodist Church.

An officer spotted the vehicle driving southbound on Georgia 400, and when Taratoot refused to stop, a short vehicle pursuit started.

The suspect attempted to run away, but was stopped by a police canine.

“Our investigation revealed the captured suspect was a wanted fugitive out of Cherokee County,” the department posted on its Facebook page.

The suspect faces numerous felony charges, including aggravated assault, theft of a motor vehicle and possession of a stolen firearm.

No one was hurt and the suspect is now in jail, according to officials.

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