Cyber Threat Could Wipe Out iPhones



Ahhh! The UN-glamourus side of technology.

Hide your Mac books and iPhones!

According to Fox Business — Apple issued a new warning after a new hacking threat. The tech giant says there is a new cyber threat, but has taken steps to thwart the attack.

FOX Business Network’s Tracee Carrasco:

“Apple has now issued a critical security patch for all iOS devices and for Mac computers against a potential hack that could come remotely via Wi-Fi.”

Carrasco says the company is urging users to install the updates to protect their devices.

“The virus is being considered a potentially serious threat.”

The latest cyber threat is also a risk to Android device users, but Google has taken steps as well to block the virus.

“The vulnerability also has the potential to attack Android devices, but Google issued its own security patch earlier this month.”

See video on Fox Business by clicking this link.

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