Legendary Rapper Pimp C’s Wife Tells Young Thug To “Watch His Mouth” After Pimp C Reference In New Song


Chinara Butler / Instagram

I will admit that I rarely listen to rap music anymore, mostly because I can’t get with this new wave of rappers either promoting satanism, talking on “money phones” or flat out wearing dresses. Hell, call me old. The rap game is a shell of its former self and that makes me sad. Especially since I was born and raised (and worked) in the music industry a many a years.

I truly loved and respected the grind of the artists I was fortunate to be able to work with, so rap holds dear to my heart.

At any rate, this post ain’t about me. Pimp C and Bun B, better known as the rap legends UGK have certainly earned their OG stripes, both in the streets and in the music industry and those of us who grew up to their music do not take too kindly to them being mocked or disrespected — especially by these new “rappers.”

Pimp C’s wife caught wind of a new song by mumble rapper Young Thug in which he made some kind of reference to Pimp C. Chinara, aka Mrs. Chad Butler, aka the self proclaimed “Trill Queen” immediately took to social media to kindly ask Young Thug to “stay in his lane” and “watch his mouth” when it comes to speaking on the Port Arthur legend. Since Pimp C is not here to respond to any rap game shenanigans, Chinara made it clear respect was in order.

Pimp C died in December of 2007 from complications to promethazine/codeine (lean) in conjunction with sleep apnea.

Honestly, I can never understand anything Young Thug mumbles says in his raps so chances are if I did hear the song, I wouldn’t have known what he was saying anyway. But I digress.


Pimp C and Chinara

Check out the video below:

“My thing is if Chad was alive you wouldn’t mention his name the way you did, so don’t do it now. Watch your mouth. He’s not here to have that conversation with you, but I am […] keep that s**t to your motherf**king self.”

And there you have it.

Do you think that Young Thug will respond to Mrs Butler? I doubt it. She looks like she don’t play!

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